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Ling Chang

Height: 5"10   |   Eye Color: Black   |   Hair Color: Black

Hi! My name is Ling Chang. I am a young actor from Taiwan and I flew all the way across the globe to the United States because this has always been the dream for me. Here is a glimpse of works that I have done!



The Butterfly Effect  |   The Diary of Anne Frank  |   2017-2018  |   Peter Van Daan

Chacha Tahng  |   Something In The Air  |   2022  |   Daniel

 Magdalene Taylor  |   Apocalypse At The Rainforest Cafe  |   2022  |   Gorilla

Calarts |   The Great Gatsby  |   2022  |   Michaelis

Calarts |   The Sea Gull |   2022  |   Yakov


Avalon Greenburg Call  |   The Balled of Bombay   |   2022  |   Lead 

Jean-Paul Jones |  Jasmine Flower Song |   2022  |   Lead

Training & Workshops

Calarts Coffee House Project   |   Water Under The Bridge  |   Ling Chang

Special Skills



-Beat Box

-Top of Dome Freestyle Rap

-Stage Combat

Download Full Resume

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